Grand Buffet for my birthday -MN

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Grand Buffet
2015 Robert St S, West St Paul, MN 55118
Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm ($8-13 dinner price starting at 3pm)
(10% discount for seniors, varied discount for children)

Grand buffet is Chinese buffet wedged in a strip mall between dollar store and a very large cub foods store.
I went there for my birthday with my family and it was actually one of the better buffets that I’ve been to.
It was much better price value than 98lb buffet that my parents often visit, good variety of food, and
frequent new steaming platters of seafood that I went to  the restaurant twice in 2 weeks!

Anyways there was 3 food bars, a cool monogolian grill (allows you to make your own dish), and free beverages.
The food bars consisted of salad, fruits, desserts, chinese style food, small mexican self-fix taco bar, assortment of fried american style food, soups, soft serve ice cream, fish, and tons of delicious all you can eat crab. The crab was specially good on my birthday. I don’ t know if I have ever had so much crab and it’s great because they have this pre-made sauce you can use. However afterwards we decided might have been for dimsum and not the crab. Anyways the soysauce concoction was the bomb!

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