Henry’s Farmer’s Markets

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Henry’s Farmer’s Market
3 different locations (chain grocery store)

It’s funny that I’ve been living in California for about 4 years and only recently have I discovered Henry’s Farmer’s Market grocery stores. I usually see their flyers and toss them but recently they been having smashing deals on fruits & veggies that’s caught my eye.

Henry’s Farmers Market is committed to providing the highest quality, organic food and natural food, natural health and wellness products. Mike says it’s similar to Trader Joe’s but more focused on fresh produce. I believe I have to agree. Since my discovery I’ve been 3 Henry’s in the San Diego area. The stores are usually on the smaller size for grocery stores, filled with variety of niche, organic, and specialty foods (most a little pricer than ordinary shop) but they have great, fresh, california grown produce.

Recently they have been having $0.48/lb peaches, plums, pluots and similarly great deals on pears, melons, and pineapples. I’ve been basically inhaling fruit the last few days. (*deals due change weekly)

I was so pumped to find donut peaches! I absolutely adore these when I’m in China and it’s incredibly hard to find them for reasonable prices in the states. Sure they look weird (due to flatness) but they are delicious!!! I think I let out a shriek when I saw them.

Pluots!!! What is a pluot? Wiki says a pluot is a interspecies developed by Floyd Zaiger where they cross a plum with a apricot. They have 24 types listed and they all have pretty interesting names you can see there here

They said California Pluots are sold usually in the Summer & Fall so they are still in season.
Anyway the ones we tried first had appearance of thin layer apple skin, insides were similar to plum, and it wasn’t too sweet. We liked them but I feel like this type didn’t have distinct enough flavor for me to ever crave them but they were slightly sweet and had a pretty magenta to apricot coloring. Later Mike got some more pluots that were greenish and the man at Henry said were more tart. I’ll have to get back to you on how those went.

Mike says -they were good but more sour.

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