Soup Plantation Buffet

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Soup Plantation
7095 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Soup Plantation is buffet style restaurant that serves mainly salads, soups, pasta, and breads. It’s interesting concept since it cater more towards healthy food options. Yet I always found it ironic because buffets usually unhealthy and so stuffed on meat & seafood. Well soup plantation has limited meat options and no seafood other than clam chowder soup but it is a bit more affordable.

Anyways I was craving it. Max and I went to Clairemont location for lunch. ($7.99 per person + $2 beverage)
We went when they were doing their “Mexican” world food tour so many of the items were Mexican themed.

First you get a tray and then slide it across their extensive salad bar and after you pay at the register there’s other buffet style bars to choose from. I really like soup and soup plantation usually has 6-8 different kinds of soups.

Some of our favorites that day were: (I think these are their usual offerings)
Wonton Happiness Salad
Tuna Pasta Salad
Clam Chowder Soup
Whipped Honey Butter
Strawberry Lemonade (MY FAVORITE, really yummy, tastes like real strawberries)
Strips of pizza like bread sticks

I tried their Mexican bean salad but it had a weird off-tasting dressing that was very strong that I wasn’t fond of.
They also featured a chicken enchilada soup which was very interesting. It literally tasted like a blended chicken enchilada. It was flavorful but I’m uncertain if I like it. Oh at the end of our meal, a server came out with chocolate chip cookies. First time I tried their no sugar chocolate mousse and that was pretty good.
Another cool things about soup plantation is that they usually have deals & coupons in the Sunday newspaper or you can just sign up for their FREE email club called Club Veg and they give you monthly coupons.
It’s usually a BUY ONE Adult meal get ONE Adult meal free with 2 drinks.

Our total for 2 lunch buffets & beverages = $14.32 (what a steal :D)

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