Savory Buffet

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Savory Buffet
7040 Miramar Rd
San Diego, CA 92121

My parents really love Asian Buffets and they are always telling me about great ones they use to go to in California.
But I rarely eat buffets since when I go I usually eat too much. Anyways our dear friends drove down from Irvine to come see us and oddly enough we ended up at a buffet for lunch.

Savory Buffet is clean, friendly atmosphere, and we were quickly seated.
We also had a coupon for 10% off from the back of a clipper magazine so it came to be like around $7-8 a person.
I think the best part about a buffet is that you don’t have to wait for the food.
We were pretty hungry.
From my memory they had a sushi bar, cold food bar, dessert bar, 2 warm asian style food bars and noodle/pho station. My party stayed mostly with the asian style food. I wonder who goes to a buffet and eat pho.
The buffet’s offerings were pretty generic compared to other Asian buffets. They did have shrimp during lunch and it was ok. I wish it was walnut shrimp (i miss that kind) but they didn’t have any. I hear at night they also have lobster & crab. Some reason I really like those fried sugar buns. I always like getting fried I can see my Asian parents shaking their head but that’s ok.
My favorite desserts! They had some canned fruit and some fresh. The canned kumquat was disgusting.
But it was my first time trying kumquat so maybe it tastes like that. Anyway zhongzi was dry and cookies were a bit stale. However white/brown striped dessert was delicious! I went back for seconds! It had many flaky layers inserted with cream and the top was a icing/chocolate mix.

I really wanted to try their sushi but all of it had avocado which I don’t like. Oh you do have pay for drinks.

Overall they had ample amount of variety and the food was decent. I think it’s a good choice if you are indecisive and want to try a bunch of things.

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