Hibachi Buffet

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Hibachi Buffet
111 E Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Prices: Weekdays (Mon-Thursday) Lunch $9.50 Dinner 12.95, Weekends $12.95, children’s price vary by age

Hibachi Buffet is relatively new establishment that serves asian-style buffet. My family really enjoyed this buffet. Which is a pretty big deal because my mother is a asian buffet connoisseur. Whenever one opens up near us she has to go try it. I’ve been to more buffets than I can count. The buffet was very spacious, clean, had 4 food bars, and a sushi bar.

My mother loves their fried fish. Their buffet prices are a great value because they have a variety of seafood available during lunch. My mom says that at the dinner price they also have lobster. I love the walnut shrimp. It’s quite yummy.
They had a sushi bar with a person actively added to the rolls available. I got the inari and it was good. Also I got some cheese wontons which are my buffet indulgence. However I’ve never seen cheese wontons in China. I wonder who created them?

Here are some other things that we got.

Totally random but my brother really like their pizza which is a rarity. Since buffet pizza usually pretty taste-less but even my mom liked it. This is just a sampling of desserts that they offered. I had some honeydew and it was really good.

Overall, we were very happy with the meal + they had free beverages!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Their plates are pretty cool. I don’t go to buffets much but all the plates that I have seen are just regular creamish colored plates.

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