Visions of Pink Gradience – Nail Tutorial

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Recently I found out about the beauty community on Youtube. They have a variety of tutorials, hauls, makeup suggestions and real people making videos as makeup “gurus”. This is my first attempt at following a tutorial. It’s by Miss Glamorazzi and you came view it here. I thought she did a great job and it was really easy to follow. I added a bit of twist to mine.

Ingredients?  (This technique is very versatile and you can use different colors* These are the ones I used)

NYC – In a New York Color Minute nail polish $1.99 each (purchased at Target)
Midtown- med pink  (240B)
Uptown- light pink (242B)
*Other colors they have can be seen on their NYC site here.
*For this technique you need at least 2 nail polish colors within the same color spectrum and 1 light/ 1 darker shade. I choose PINKS!
*The brand does not matter. I use NYC because it’s inexpensive & accessible. Miss Glamourazzi uses OPI. It all works out.

L.A. Colors Art Deco Glitter Polish – Silver ($1 purchased at Dollar Tree)
I choose to use a thicker glitter to draw stripes on my nails instead of shimmer overcoat. This was my personal preference.

Cosmetic Sponges $1-2 (mass retailers)
I picked up some at the Dollar Tree but you can buy them anywhere. It doesn’t matter the shape as you will just be using it to dab on nail polish. However make sure the one you choose you will be willing to part with because it will get covered in nail polish. They are quite inexpensive tools.

**Lastly if you have undercoat or topcoat polish …add it to the list! ^^

Style: Color Gradient (10-15min)
1. Prepare nails for nail polish. Trim, file, clean….etc
2. Apply undercoat polish if you have one
3. Apply 1-2 coats of your lighter colored nail polish on all nails, wait for it to dry
4. Put a dab of the darker nail polish on the cosmetic sponge and dab on your nails up to the mid-point (Apply thin coat as seen in video)
5. Gradually dab on darker and more nail polish using the darker nail polish & sponge. Stop when you reach the gradient you would like.
6. Optional: Using glitter polish draw 1-2 diagonal lines on nails or add on the “shimmer” top coat or just your regular top coat.
Viola! You have a salon design and it’s super easy! (Sorry the nails look small, click on the photo and it will enlarge!)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    sophie!! this is great!! i love this youtube channel. i’ve always wanted to learn how to put on make-up so that i can start using it. =D

    • I really like following juicystar07,meganheartsmakeup, Emilynoel83, Fleur de Force and Miss Glamorazzi. It’s become sort of addiction. I think it’s cool that “real” people do the videos. They are all pretty quirky too.

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