December: Lip Gloss Reviews

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So let it be said that I am lip gloss junkie. Lip glosses were one of my first makeup purchases and I’ve continued to love trying them. Also I have huge lips so I’ve become quite picky with what glosses I like. Anyways these are part 1 of my december purchases… I normally do not purchases as many but it was the holidays so I splurged! I also got some from friends & family.

With all makeup products I find that products may differ from person to person so I’ll just be talking about my opinion. I’ll be judging on these factors:  color, consistency, smell, packaging and application. All of these are fairely inexpensive and can be found at your local drugstore.

If you click on the photos they will open in another tab in full size if you find it is hard to read the tabs

Other Stuff:
Fuzzy Tip applicator are called “doe foots”

Take a beauty challenge! It’s a new year and even makeup needs refreshing.
Lip glosses expire approx. 18 months after first application
Lipsticks approx. 2 years after first application
Don’t forget to take the time to sort out your makeup drawer, remove old & forgotten pieces and replenish with new items. It can really transform your look, allow you to be more adventurous, and save you from diseases as old makeup can lead to bacteria cultivation!

Sally Hansen Lip Brightening Gloss – I recently showed this product in my dollar tree haul. I was so pleasantly surprised with it! Whether or not is actually brightens my teeth, I’m not sure. I would recommend trying out this gloss if you see at dollar tree. (Discontinued)

Color- (Dazzling) deep raspberry – berry color with very fine shimmer. It applies a little pinker than tube color.
Consistency It goes on smooth, not sticky, long-wearing and the gloss has vitamins that moisturizing your lips
Smell- gloss is minty but luckily does not burn my lips!
Packaging – it’s gorgeous! The top can be used as a small mirror and very similar to design that Smashbox is currently offering.
Application – fuzzy tip called ” doe foot”
Cost: $1 dollar

Couleurs Nature Plumping Sheer Gloss:  I purchased this online at Yves Rocher with their raspberry tote set. Originally I didn’t think much of it but after first application I was in love. I highly recommend purchasing this gloss! Ebates here often offer 30-40% cashback on Yves Rocher products. This gloss is very high quality and made in Italy.

Color: (Framboise) Semi-sheer bright pink coral. Hint of shimmer It very unique and bold color in the tube but it is wearable.
consistency: goes on smooth, a bit sticky to adhere to you lips
Smell: Yves Rocher’s raspberry scent
Packaging: I find that the packaging it too bulky and makes it less portable.
Application: brush tip, I find it is very easy to use and apply
Cost: $9

Bath & Body Works Liplicious – Currently Bath & Body works is having their semi-annual sale. They have a  ton of lip gloss on sale for $3 and though aI’m not reviewing it now, I saw that Pink Liplicious in Papaya is on sale. I’m sad b/c I heard they might discontinue it. 🙁 
Anyways the liplicious collection has tons of colors, shades, and all their lip glosses having a different sweet or fruity scent.

Color: (Sign. Vanilla-Lemon) Clear gloss with loaded with fine multi-color shimmer
Consistency: applies smooth but it is on the sticky-er side
Smell: I LOVE the smell! It’s like lemon bar or some lemon dessert.
Packaging: portable, plastic
application: tapered plastic tip, squeeze out
Costs: $7-8 (discount if you buy more)

E.L.F Studio Line Lip stains – I like that fact that these are duos. They have a variety of shades from mauve to bright corals. I got mine at the Dollar Tree but they usually sold online & Target for $3 bucks. The lip stain appears matte on your lips but I prefer it with addt’l gloss giving it more dimension. I found the lip stain not to be drying and smooth application. However once you add the gloss you lower the long-lasting power and with eating the lip stain does slightly transfer/fade.

Color: (Lucky Lady) deep brownish-red mauve color, with gloss it’s more light mauve
Consistency: smooth, lip stain appears on lips like a matte, gloss is not sticky/thinner consistency
Smell: generic lipstick smell
Packaging: I like matte black & clear packaging, slim
Application: 2 doe foots

L’oreal’s Hip Color Presso – It seemed like an interesting idea. However after reviewing the product, I would *NOT* repurchase again. The packaging really hinders application and use. Luckily I got in a WAGS sale or else it would $8-9 product. For more information about this product you can see Pinkie Charm’s Youtube review here. I think she does a great job explaining the pros & cons.

Color: (Fashionista) Gold gloss one side, Deep burgundy red on the other side. The glosses were beautiful and I love the red color.
Consistency: smooth, not too sticky or thin
Smell: n/a
Packaging: Really difficult to work with, it was impossible to use both glosses at once, tube plastic was too thick to squeeze, odd shape
application: super messy, hard squeeze and use, gloss came out tapered plastic tip,  I would recommend using a separate lip brush
Costs: $3 on sale at WAGS (reg $9)

Sally Hansen Lip Butter Gloss – I picked this up with my friend Anna in my 2nd Dollar Tree Haul. I would have to say this gloss is so amazing! I really like the color, texture and price. I will be stocking on these babes before I leave MN and probably have on for a blog giveaway. I’d have to say I liked a lot of December lip glosses but this is my favorite of the month, maybe all time. It’s got a lot of fruit extracts and shea butter. (discontinued in mass retailers, I think you can only get at Dollar Tree or Ebay now)

Color: (Rosebud) light pink & hint of silver shimmer, quite glossy on lips
Consistency: thicker, however not too sticky
Smell: fruity scented
packaging: it looks very green, lip container has leaf paper wrapped around it, sturdy
application: brush tip, I’m beginning to really prefer brush tips over others, easy applicator
cost: $1

L’oreal Bare Naturale Gentle lip conditioners – Walgreens (WAGS) is currently discounting out of some their cosmetics up to 75% off. I got these for almost free with my sunday newspaper coupons ($2 off L’oreal item, $5 off 2 L’oreal items). Even without coupons, WAGS was having buy 1 get 1 50% off for L’oreal & Covergirl even on clearance items. However I am not sure if the sale is still going on. With out that being said, I was not impressed by this product. I purchased 2 as seen above in soft peach & soft mauve. I would recommend going with a much darker color shade if you want color  because gloss is very sheer!!! It more of clear gloss with hint of color.

Color: (Soft Peach) (Soft Mauve) Color was very sheer. I personally preferred the soft mauve because it did make my lips look natural nude tone.
Consistency: thin gloss, quickly absorbs into lips, almost like a balm
Smell: n/a
Packaging: very portable, 2 inches tall, twist the grey part to release gloss
Application: clear rubber-plastic tapered tip, twist the grey part, *when you first use it, it’s best to hold gloss upside down and twist or else you’ll be twisting for a very long time, I find the twist function to be really annoying and hard to control how much gloss comes out.
Costs: $2.59 Wags (normally $8)

Lotta Luv Pepsi Wild Cherry Gloss– I recently showed this in my Target 75% off sale. Whew there’s a lot of discounting at stores! So I was able to get this for super cheap. However, you get what you pay for. The gloss, itself is fine. But the quantity is TINY! Most the tube is filled with the doe foot and once you take it out you have a tiny bit of gloss. It was only 0.04 oz!!! (Normally glosses are 0.1-0.2 oz) So I really glad I got it on sale.

Color: Sheer Pink Coral
Consistency: not too thick or thin, it goes on smooth and absorbs to lip quite nicely
Smell: Pepsi Wild Cherry, actually quite similar to the pop
Packaging: portable, light
Application: doe foot tip
Cost: $0.25 (normally $1)

*WHEW thanks for sticking with me through so many different lip gloss reviews!!! I hope I was informative. If there are lip glosses you would like me to review just leave a comment below. Feel free to leave comments about your own experiences. Your favorite glosses, if you like these reviews..

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