HauteLook Urban Decay Cosmetics $2 Sale Haul

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I am super-duper excited to finally be able to show you my Hautelook Haul where I was able to purchase a ton of Urban Decay makeup for only $2 each! That’s 90% discount on Urban Decay Makeup.

If you don’t know what Hautelook is… it is basically online store that has private, limited sales for its members. They sell a hodgepodge of items from women, men, kids, home, vacations and each sale lasts 42-72 hours. What’s really cool is that they are able to have sales featuring high-end designers at affordable prices. Well not everything is as great as Urban Decay sale but they do have some neat sales!
If you want to check out Hautelook, I’ll link it here.
The membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE and no strings attached!
They have great customer service & live chat function. ^^ I loved how careful and nice their packaging was!
*Hautelook’s business model is very similar to Swirl.com or Ruelala.com.
Urban Decay Cosmetics Haul
Yikes! I did quite a splurge on Urban Decay makeup. Hey for $2 bucks, how could I not! ^^
I got total of 14 Urban Decay items : 9 pigments, 2 mascaras, 2 lip glosses, 1 pyrotechnics cream eyeliner
I spent $28+ $5.95 shipping. I saved $235 dollars!

Retail Value: $269 @ Urbandecay.com
All the above items are still being sold on urbandecay.com at regular prices so Hautelook was having a spectacular sale!
The best part is that you can get high-end makeup for the less than drugstore prices!
-Urban Decay Pigments retails $20 each
-Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara retails $17
-Urban Decay Ultraglide Lippy retails $17
-Urban Decay XXX shine retails $16
-Urban Decay Pyrotechnics retails $22
*I’m sorry for flash effect!* CLICK on image to get CLOSEUP!
These are color swatches on my skin for the following Urban Decay Pigments.
I love the containers the pigments come in, nice packaging and each pigment tube comes with its own mini brush!

X– Peach, Pink with Champagne undertones (love the name!)
Shag– Pink with Bronze shimmer
Asphyxia– bold magenta pink purple
Rockstar– deep dark purple with black shimmer
Yeyo– white shimmer (great for highlighting)
Click on image for CLOSEUP!
Gun metal– deep black with grey shimmer
Smog– Dark brown, bronze shimmer
Baked– slightly darker than X or Shag but similar. It’s rose peachy, brown, champagne color. (I adore it!)
Goddess– dark violet with multicolored black shimmer (darker than Rockstar)

All the pigments were very pigments and easy to apply. However I haven’t really tested the products on my face so I can’t tell you techniques or if there’s a lot of fallout so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Alas all good things must come to a end…so my last 4 items from my haul did not work. 🙁
Sadly, Urban Decay sent some defective products!  However Hautelook has fantastic customer service and my money was returned.
So in reality I only had 10 item haul. Shucks! But I did learn valuable lesson that if I buy something I should try it out right away in case it’s defective or else there goes my money. Make sure you have time to play around with your goods!

Urban Decay Ultra Glide in Hustle
-it is a very long lip gloss tube
-has a tapered clear rubber-like applicator tip similar to L’oreal Naturale Lip gloss
-color is brownish bronze
*Issue was the applicator tip separated due to a cracked tube rim
Pyrotechnics in Silver
-I love love love the packaging. It is metallic purple box with peacock image
-The cream eyeliner comes in a gun metal colored plastic container with peacock image on the cover, slim mirror and 2 ended brush
-The cream liner appears to be white with sparkles
However the pyrotechnics was also a no-go for me. I don’t know if this is because my product was old or defective but I couldn’t get any of the liner to show up. Every once in a while there would be a chuck of glitter. At first glance I was pleased it came with a brush but it the brush seemed rather flimsy. I looked up some other reviews on the product and they seemed to have similar problems. I am really glad I didn’t shell out $22 for this because the formula is incredibly lackluster and un-usable.
Big Fatty Colored Mascara in Indigo & Electric Blue
I was so excited by these products because I really wanted to try something funky. I loved the packaging!

Crazy fact: Mascara only lasts around 3 months! After that is considered expired. Due to the formulation of mascara and use, this makeup product is more prone to bacteria infestation. Ew!
The pattern is also wrapped around the tube. I also liked the size of the mascara tubes. It’s very portable.
This is the mascara wand. The problem was the mascara was completely dried up and try as I might nothing came out. Boo! I looked on Urban Decay Facebook and it appears to be common problem with this sale. Thank goodness I was able to get a refund! But if you have tried this product. I’d love a review on it!

Overall, I am still happy with my purchases despite the hiccups in the order.
Anyways, that’s my haul! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please post below!!!
Thanks for reading!

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  3. Grace says:

    How long did it take for HauteLook to deliver? I bought some things in the recent sale, but they have yet to update the shipping status.


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