American Apparel Bandeau Dress Tutorial

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This my Part 2 of my recent Hautelook Haul, part 1 was on Urban Decay as seen here.

If you want to check out Hautelook, I’ll link it here.
The membership is ABSOLUTELY FREE and no strings attached!
They have great customer service & live chat function. ^^ I loved how careful and nice their packaging was!
*Hautelook’s business model is very similar to or

American Apparel: Cotton Spandex Jersey Bandeau Dress (Cranberry) seen here on AA site
I purchased it on Hautelook for $16 + $8 shipping. (retail $43)
I have the same one in (Black) that I purchased at I love how versatile, comfortable and easy to manipulate this dress.

The fabric is cotton, it’s easy to wash, and stretchy. There’s so many ways to wear this dress and change it up from casual to formal.
I think this is very flattering for a variety of different sizes and body types.
I would recommend purchasing one of these if you love dresses and playing around with clothing.

Other companies do sell similar “convertible”  dresses but I personally really like this one and think it’s good deal.

*I’m sorry for the blurry pictures because flash would have glared on my mirrors in my room.

Same Dress, tons of styles. Here are some of my favorites
V-Neck Halter Dress – This is what the dress looks like without alterations or twists. It’s a plain v-neck and goes slightly past my knees. But I’m short so it can knee-length for others.
Sweetheart Neckline dress – Take the two straps, criss-cross them and tie it on the back
Looped Halter Neck Dress – Take the straps tie a knot and tie the end around your neck
2 Strap dress – This is one my favorite as I found it most elegant and simple to do. You have to flip the dress over so that the V-neck is on the back side. The front is just plain tube dress style. Then you just take the straps from the back, loop it over your arms, and tie it so knot is on back. Sounds a little bit complicated but really easy to do!
One shoulder dress– Lately, when I go shopping I find that one shoulder dresses are very popular. This one you just turn the v-neck to the side half-way and tie the straps on your shoulder.
Dress turned into a skirt? Yep! Yep! If dresses aren’t your taste it is super easy just wear as a skirt! Just take the dress straps and tie it once around you. Viola! Comfy, stylish skirt! (^^ seriously cute just don’t look at my slippies my feet are cold & my shirt.)

Last but not least you can always check on Youtube for more information and tutorials!

5 Responses to American Apparel Bandeau Dress Tutorial

  1. Jennifer says:

    wow. thanks! never knew one dress could have so many different ways to wear it. i definitely want one now! let me know if you see one in black on sale! =)

  2. sillylynnie says:

    wow that looks great! so many styles! really cute!

  3. Kitty says:

    All the styles look great on you! I am thinking about purchasing this dress too, so this post will be super helpful when I am experimenting with the different looks. What size are you wearing? Does it run big?

    • I believe it runs true to size. I purchased mine in size small. If you aren’t sure which to purchase I know that the American Apparel website has a sizing chart for the dresses. The fabric is quite stretchy and the cotton spandex material is very comfortable. I highly recommend it!

  4. Samm Quiser says:

    It can also be a shirt, turn the dress upside down so the pointed ends are on either side of your body( one on you left, one on your right) and bring them up to tie them around your neck. It will be a little tight around the front of your arms ( the part in front of your armpit) you may need to fold the fabric over a little for it to be comfortable. then tie the pieces that hang into a bow around the bottom and Bam! Sexy cowl neck shirt.

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