Zoya Nail Polish Haul Part 1 of 2

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Haul: Zoya Nail Polish
Store: Zoya.com
Costs: Free + $6.95 shipping

Recently I posted about Zoya.com having an AWESOME freebie. It’s where you were able to choose 3 of their nail polishes for FREE and just pay shipping $6.95. Zoya is nail polish company that offers more “natural” polish, quality similar to OPI and retails at $7 a bottle. I was happy to hear that few of my friends and readers were able to get this deal. I ended up placing 2 orders and this is my haul from my first order.
I was super excited for this order because I took the opportunity to choose colors I normally won’t choose or find at my local store.
(From Left to Right)
Dovima – Matte Black
Karina – Bold Sparkly Red
Kotori- Sparkly Dark Blue

I really liked purchasing from Zoya.com. The order was well packaged, the website offers live chat & customer service phone, and I feel that packaging for the nail polish themselves is very nice. Nail polish is very long-lasting, layers well and ample amount.

-Don’t worry I don’t go out like this, I took the photos before I touched up the nails 🙁 I’m weird
– this does not reflect the quality of the polish

-I used two coats for the desired level of intensity
-I think it would be a great holiday color
-I didn’t have problems with streaking or clumping. It was easy to use!
-It’s sheer blue shimmer, I thought it was going to be a lot darker
-Opacity is labelled a 5 out 5. However in the photo I did 3 coats and it still wasn’t like my Zoya spoonz sample. 🙁
-I do like the shimmer color
-However if you layer it above Dovima – Matte Black, it turns really beautiful!
Kotori + Dovima = The bomb!
-Matte Black (I love the matte!)
-When you apply the polish its this beautiful sparkly black color
-It dries SUPER FAST, I did have a slight problem because it is such a fast drier due to the matting
-Tendency to streak more than the other too
-GREAT base for blue & green sheer nail polish. It really magnifies color that you layer up on it. (doesn’t work with sheer pinks/reds)
This is where I layered a bunch of my other nail polishes over the Dovima coat.
I really like the combination of the Zoya’s Dovima + NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel (118 Big Money Frost). The sheer blue-green makes a beautiful olive-green color that is really different and I love it b/c I was originally disappointed with sheer-ness of the NYC polish.
Ha so you don’t have to be emo to wear the matte black. ^^

I can’t wait for part 2 of my haul! I really liked how part 1 turned out.

6 Responses to Zoya Nail Polish Haul Part 1 of 2

  1. Jennifer says:

    very nice! i like it! can’t wait till mine come in! =D

  2. sillylynnie says:

    thanks for telling me about this! Kotori kinda looks like OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous but lighter and more blue instead of green. Can you believe guys don’t like these colors?! Amy’s guy friend told me that he hated it!! X_X
    The matte black is too much for me. I think i would do a matte dark green, navy, violet or magenta.

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  4. monica says:

    Wow what kind of nail polish did you layer over your pointer finger? It looks sooooso nice!

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