Recent Haul (games, books, and chargers)

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I ordered these items during the winter holiday break but I just haven’t gotten around to posting them since I was waiting on the last item. All the items were purchased by me on If you are a student and you haven’t applied for Amazon student prime membership you really should do it. I mean it’s so nice to get your items fast with 2 day shipping plus it’s FREE here ^^
Travel Blokus
Since I got regular Blokus for my brother for Christmas, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one for myself. Amazon has having a sale on the travel Blokus for only $6 dollar. It’s has same rules as regular Blokus except it’s only for 2 players and it has nice snap in feature for traveling. Travel Blokus is quicker game than regular Blokus as you don’t start from the corner but there’s a designated middle square so the contact is faster. I feel also that strategy is a bit different as there is less space to build on. I liked playing it with my roommates. However, I think I still liked the regular Blokus better for longer play, more strategy and multiplayer. For the price I’m still glad I was able to get one.
Sony Walkman Charger Set
So in my last move, I lost my charger for my Sony Walkman and I was hoping to find it. Well I didn’t. I did find this awesome seller on Amazon that sold the charger cable, charger for the car and the wall for $6. I really suggest if you use your chargers not to buy from the manufactorer but look online for a better deal. I’ve also been able to find great deals on Ebay. Anyways, I’m so happy I ordered it and I’m able to use my Sony Walkman again.
Pioneer Woman Cooks Cookbook
I’m avid reader of the Pioneer Woman blog and I find her recipes to be delicious. Though you can view most her recipes online, I really wanted to support her and just have a bound cookbook. Anyways, the cookbook is darling. I find it’s more of a collection of her life stories, quirky writing and then some recipes.

I wish it had more recipes and there were quite a few I was hoping would be in it that weren’t. I suspect because the cookbook did come out last year and since then she’s blogged a lot more. The pictures are a lot smaller than on her blog due to limitations in space.  But I do like the step by step photos in the book. I’m excited to trying out the recipes. So expect more hearty meal posts to be appearing very soon!
My Future Listography (Journal)
Do you love lists? I do. I adore writing lists more than any other writing. I could write lists all day and night and well actually I usually do.
This is the newest book in the listography journal series. These books are journals with writing prompts & illustrations to get you started in writing your lists. I had my eye on the original one since my friend Emily really liked it. I thought well I need to start thinking about my future so I decide to pick this one. It was my very first pre-order book! It actually came earlier than expected.
The journal is quite thick, I love the cover design and I feel it is sturdy for a paper bound book.
This is my favorite illustration in the book. It says “list your dream job” and the illustration says ” a carny ride operator”
I think that’s really cute! I’m currently working the page where I need to write the countries I want to visit. So far I have Greece, New Zealand, Mexico, and Italy. It’s actually harder than I expected because this are things of the “future” and unlike things of the past I really haven’t formulated all my answers.

That was my order and I hoped you enjoyed it. I really recommend checking Amazon for buying everyday items and books as they usually have better pricing, discounts and free / fast shipping options.

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