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If you’ve never heard of E.L.F. They stand for inexpensive cosmetic brand called Eyes Lips Face. How inexpensive?
-Professional Line products $1 each
-Studio Line products $3 each
-Palettes $5-$10

Only clutch is that E.L.F. products can be difficult to find in your local stores. I’ve only seen it at select Targets and my Dollar Tree. However you can purchase their products online at eyeslipsface.com but there’s a shipping charge. Though online store has the most selections and they usually have a promo code going on.

Anyways, there’s a bunch of YouTube rave over this brand and I’ve tried a few items which are usually hit or miss. But for around $1 an item I guess it’s one of the most affordable brands to experiment with.

The set I will be reviewing can be purchased at Target.com for $5 as seen linked here.

Los Angeles, Plumtastic, Groovy Grape, Juiced Berry, Pink Lemonade
Size: 0.35oz per gloss

First off, I felt the collection lacked pigmentation and failed to be “plum” shades as it was stated. Most of the glosses applied very sheer and looked almost identical on the lips. My lips are naturally pink and after taking many pictures with the glosses I looked back it was impossible to differentiate between the glosses.

Colors: ( Left to Right) Pink Lemonade, Plumtastic
Pink Lemonade was rosy pink with gold shimmer undertones. I really liked the color and gave your lips a pretty sheen.
Plumtastic wasn’t as dark in color as appeared in the tube. It did show layers of mauve, purple tones. I felt it was too frosty.
Colors: (Left to Right) Groovy Grape, Juiced Berry Los Angeles
Groovy Grape & Juiced Berry were essential the same clear gloss with a hint of silver shimmer
Los Angeles held more pigmentation, strawberry pink with silver shimmer undercoat
Application & Packaging
Lip Gloss came in a plastic tube with twist off cap. For application you just squeeze the tube and gloss would come out of the clear plastic tapered tip. It was very easy to use and I didn’t have any problems with the packaging.

The gloss texture and consistency were nice. It wasn’t too sticky or tacky. The consistency felt very moisturizing and smooth on the lips.

For me what my cosmetics smell like is a BIG DEAL and especially when I’m using lip glosses. I don’t want something nasty smelling on my lips when there’s so many delicious smelling glosses out there. This is my biggest issue with E.L.F. products is their inconsistent manufacturing. I really wanted to like this product but I can’t recommend it because half of lip glosses in the set smelled disgusting!

Pink Lemonade, Groovy Grape, and Juiced Berry smelled sweet like artificial grape candy. I thought it was decent and I liked it.

However…Plumtastic & Los Angeles smelled medicinal, really gross!
I immediately had to wipe it off my lips because it was just very unpleasant. (But the smell didn’t affect the texture or the product.)

Overall (Value, Color Selection, Application, Packaging, Smell)
(2.5 out 5 = value, application, packaging)

I only really liked the Pink Lemonade Lip gloss in this set. I thought Los Angeles had nice color but the smell was horrid. If you do like clear glosses Groovy Grape and Juiced Berry were not bad. I just prefer my lip gloss to have color pigmentation rather than be clear. I didn’t like Plumtastic as the color clashed with my complexion.

So I’d have to say this collection was a “miss” for me in the E.L.F. line. I am excited to know that I do like the lip gloss formulation so I wouldn’t be adverse to trying more of their Super Glossy Shine lip glosses. I still think E.L.F. products have great value. I just hope they smell better next time!

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  1. debra johnson says:

    is your groovy grape the same as the 1970′ s groovy grape?

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