Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose

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Hi Gals!
Recently I went on a wonderful trip with my friend Lynn and we ended up at Ulta where I was able to pick a few new cosmetic items.
I like Ulta because it seems every week they have a new coupon code for either 20% or $3.50 of $10 purchase on everything in store except “prestige cosmetics”. To find these coupons just go to and they have a button to print them out.

Anyways, I was really excited because I was able to pick the new Physicians Formula Happy Booster blush. Physicians Formula is more of a high-end drugstore brand but I really like the quality of their makeup. Their pricing usually around $7-$14 dollars. They just came out with the new Happy Booster Line which is sooo adorable to the upcoming Valentine’s Day. They have a translucent powder, 2 blushes, and couple of different bronzers.

Physician Formula Happy Booster Blush in Rose:
Retail $12-$14 dollars (avaliable most drugstores & mass merchandise retailers)
Ulta was also having B1G50% off sale so I was able to get this for around $6 dollar.

Here’s the packaging! It’s so adorable, pink and cute. The Happy Booster line is supposed to be designed to make you feel “more happy”. I don’t know the scientific claims about this or if it really works. I love the mosaic hearts in the blush, the metallic pink packaging and it certainly makes me happy because it’s so cute. I think this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or any day gift!
It’s about the size of a compact mirror. The line only has 2 blushes: a natural one which is lighter and this one which is called Rose. I choose Rose b/c I’m looking for a pinker blush.

It’s mosaic style blush so that different colors. I just take my blush brush and sweep it over the compact to get a combined color. I hear that you can slightly alter the intensity of the blush color as one side is more “red-pink” and other side is more “light pink” so depending on where you sweep you could get different color. The color I get is rosy pink with shimmer.

I just think the hearts are such a nice touch. The blush also smells really good in the packaging like roses or violets. The smell doesn’t really transfer to your face.
So once you left the lid, there’s the product pan, under the product pan there’s a mirror and it comes with a pink-red brush. I missed seeing the mirror the first 2 times I used it but I’m happy to have finally found it. The brush on the other hand I find difficult to use so I just use my regular blush brush. It’s very portable compact.
This is me using it. I don’t know if the lighting in the picture will reveal the coloration. It’s a light pink rosy blush.
It’s very wearable and buildable for more color intensity if you would like.

Overall I’d give this product 5 out 5. I love the packaging, delightful smell, the mosaic hearts, the color and the application.
I wouldn’t be adverse to picking up more products from this line as so far I’m really loving it.

Other Information:
EmilyNoel83 on Youtube recently also did a review as seen here
* In case you aren’t able to find one right now, I hear this product will be featured in PF permanent line.
*Stila Cosmetics also came out with a similar blush called the “Make me Blush” as seen on Stila’s Website &

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  1. Vance says:

    Cool, I’ll totally pick one up the next time I see one.

  2. sillylynnie says:

    i’m glad your purchases turned out well!

  3. LZ says:

    This is a good look for you 🙂

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