A delicious candle to consider : Modern Alchemy in Peche

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I purchased this set of Modern Alchemy Candles from Hautelook.com. Hautelook is a discount store that has limited daily sales sort of like Groupon but with clothing, home goods and cool stuff like these candles.

Anyways, I got the candles in Peche & Corcovado. They originally retail for $20 for 2 oz candle!!! So be forwarned this can be a deadly addiction to acquire because they are so expensive. However on Hautelook they were on sale for $11 each. Still pricey compared to my favorite candles which are Slatkin & Co (B&BW stores) but I had some referral credits and my curiosity was piqued so I got them.

I love Hautelook mailers. They are funky looking on the inside and nicely wrapped. The Modern Alchemy candle would be a lovely house warming gift as they come with top notch packaging. It’s got a white cover with white silk ribbon and inside is beautiful gold color.
The candle design is very chic, modern and simplistic. It’s a white candle holder. But that’s not what makes this fantastic candle.

Since falling in love with candles I’ve become quite a candle connoisseur I’m always on the look out for the next delightful scent. I personally love citrus & tropical scents. I stay away from the spices and “winter” scents.

This scent [PECHE] is UNBELIEVABLE!!! It’s like biting into a ripe white peach and so juicy, yummy. I really don’t think I’ve experienced anything so delicious in candle form. It’s very complex, not overly sweet or artificial, not overpowering but there’s strength to the candle. I love smelling it. I wish it was a perfume so I could wear it 24/7.  I also got [Corvocado] it has layers of floral scents and hint of coconut. It’s a nice scent but I have to say Peche is that way to go. Just writing about it makes me want to go grab it and smell it. I’m so in love with this candle I have it hidden away only for special occasions.

It’s wonderful spring/ summer scent. I HIGHLY recommend picking it up if see it on sale. Though at $20 bucks a pop it’s a pricey luxury. Sorry but I’m uncertain what stores sell Modern Alchemy but you can find it online.

Q: Do you have a favorite scent? What is it? Please write in the comments, I’d love to hear about it. ^^

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