Hoping it Rains tomorrow, (Target.com Buy 1 Get 1 50% shoe sale)

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So ever since I bought my zig zag rain boots it has failed to rain! It rained a bit today so I have high hopes for tomorrow. Never in my life have I anticipated for it to pour. But right now I really wish it would.

Anyways, I’m still searching for that perfect shoe. It seems that my shoes searching has comes up with lots of shoes that are either too big, too small, not in stock or down right ugly. It’s funny b/c I just posted a shoe haul. Sad to say they did not work out me. Target Isabella grape shoes are too big, my clogs are too small, my aerosole wiseguys are borderline ugly & too big, my ugly aerosole streetcars are way too small, my silver dress shoes too small for my toes, Isabella red heels are way too big, and the search goes on!

I do however love the fact that many shoe retailers have great return policy meaning free shipping and free returns.
Examples: Piperlime.com, Endless.com, Shoes.com

Oh so I attempted to make a another Target.com order last night for shoes. Only to find out that today they are having Buy 1 Get 1 50% off on shoes & handbags. Gosh! Why couldn’t I predict the future and know that within 24 hours my shoes would go on sale. X_X ???

So that’s my weekend. Gah terrorized by shoes!

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