Off to ‘The Cottage’ we go!

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The Cottage
7702 Fay Ave
La Jolla, CA 92037
Their website linked here.

The Cottage is described as a American breakfast/brunch restaurant. Early this year, my lovely friend Lynnie guest blogged about this restaurant and you can view it here. I was extremely lucky to be able to get some away time and visit my friends in San Diego about 2 weekends ago. It was on my to-do list to eat brunch. I’ve been to the Tractor Room and Hash House A Go Go. But I’ve never been to The Cottage despite hearing so much about it from my friends.

So Max, Lynn, Dana, and I went to The Cottage for brunch. Unfortunately it was also Mother’s Day weekend so the place was packed! The wait was a tad too long for my personal tastes but what can you do on Mother’s day without a reservation and no mother? Well you wait…it is to be expected. The wait was about an hour and some.

During that time, I filled up on complimentary crumble coffee cake and hid from the sudden drizzle of rain. The restaurant appeared rather small and quaint with most of seating outdoors.

The prices range from $11-$16 dollars a plate for breakfast/brunch.

Dana got the Baja Chicken Hash.  It had poached eggs, peppers, onions, chicken sausage, and potatoes. He told me he quite enjoyed the meal. It looked lovely and I felt that portion-wise it was the biggest one out our 4 plates.

Lynn opted for the special of the day which was the Lobster Frittata. Frittata is a egg based dish similar to an omelet. I think the main difference is that instead of folding the vegetables/topping inside the egg, the chef mixes it with the egg. Frittata was topped with large lobster pieces. It also came with hash, scone and strawberry jelly.

Max got the LA Burger. LA Burger contains 1/2 lb of beef, roasted tomato relish, arugula, Gruyere + goat cheese, shallots on a Parmesan toasted bun. Ok so I might have cheated by looking at The Cottage website description to get all that. Man that sounds so fancy there was no way I’d recall all that.  Max said the burger was tasty especially the combination of cheeses. Oh he had a side of potato salad  which I snagged a bit and that was yummy!

I remembered the burger because it had arugula. Max doesn’t seem to mind arugula. I don’t like arugula. I find it must be a acquired taste because it always seems bitter and looks like yard weeds to me. Do you like to eat arugula???

The best for last…haha jk. I’m just saying that because I love poached eggs, I love Benedicts, and I also love crab cakes. Though I must admit I wavered for a second when the server described the Lobster Frittata.  But Max asured me that I should get the crab cakes Benedict since it has everything I love eating.

First off, I did enjoy my meal and being able to be midst excellent company!

But I felt the crab cakes Benedict left something to be desired. It wasn’t particularly flavorful. I felt there was a considerable amount of crab but the crab just wasn’t very tasty. It was just OK. I think next time I’ll have to go back to Studio Diner for crab cakes. Oh my dish came with a side of hash. The hash lacked flavor, bit dry and made me quite thirsty.

Overall, the Cottage was a nice experience for quaint American brunch setting. Though next time I’ve got my eye on those stuffed French Toast that Lynn recommends.

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  1. sillylynnie says:

    Your pics look so good! lol. Yes I am missing the stuffed french toast now too! So glad you came, can’t wait to see you again! If you’re in SD before all your relatives get here we should have a pre-graduation dinner or something, lol.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Mhmmm…that place looks really good. And I’m not really a breakfast kind of person. I don’t really like eggs, omlets, bacon, etc. Hash browns are a different story! =P

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