NYX Nude on Nude kit (UD Naked Palette Dupe?)

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For a long time I was seriously drooling over the Urban Decay Naked Palette (retails $48) . I’d constantly check websites and stores to see if the item was in stock. Well after months of waiting for it to be in stock, realizing that I had a few of the colors already, and the fact that they took out eyeliners and upped the price made me kinda of sad.

Sad until I found the NYX nude on nude kit (retails $13). A lot of makeup gurus are saying this is a dupe for the Naked Palette. How true that is, I guess we’ll have to see. NYX currently offers 2 types of neutral kits. I choose to buy the smaller and portable version but they also have comprehensive nude on nude kit with 20 eye shadows + 10 lip colors (retails $25) and you check it out here on their website.

(size comparison against opi nail polish…it’s very small, but portable for everyday use)

(NYX nude on nude kit completely opened – good size mirror, 9 eye shadows (dime-size), sliding drawer with 2 lippies and 2 applicators)

NYX nude on nude kit *Details*
Shadows are quite small about the size of dime, but alas I don’t use that much one color so not a big issue for me.

3 matte eye shadow shades – top row
6 semi-shimmery eye shadow shades
2 Lip gloss shades (opaque pink) (shimmery red-pink)
2 applicators (double -ended mini lip brush and sponge applicator for shadows) -honestly I would just toss these as they get stuck in the sliding drawer. The applicators are teeny tiny and I already have travel brushes I’d much rather use.

Swatches of the First Row of the Palette + First shadow of the second row ==> Left to Right, starting from the Top
(matte white, matte light grey-tan, matte black, shimmery pale peach-champagne)

More Swatches…haha looks kinda of silly because I ran out of fingers.. ^^(
(Starts 2nd row, 2nd shadow and still left to right)
Shimmery mink color, Shimmery grey-black color, shimmery frosty pink, shimmery frosty gold, shimmery medium brown

Comparison to Urban Decay’s Naked Palette?
First off, I still haven’t been able to get my hands on a Urban Decay Naked Palette. I realized something that also was a bit lame is that the palette being $48 dollars now instead of $44 makes you still $2 dollars away from free shipping on most sites like Sephora.com & Ulta.com.

Anyways, I do own a couple of Urban Decay pigments in the same colors as they have on Naked Palette. I currently own Half Baked (copper-bronzer with frost-metallic finish), Smog (medium dark bronze with metallic sheen), and Gunmetal (blue-gray metallic). To see swatches of my urban decay pigments please check out my past post.

If you want an exact dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Palette, the NYX palette just won’t do. To be honest I don’t know where you’d find an exact dupe …you might as well splurge on Urban Decay.

However if you are flexible and you want a affordable palette with a bunch of neutral, everyday shadows. I think you might like NYX.

UD Naked Palette $48 dollars
NYX Nude on Nude Kit $13 dollars (you can use ULTA coupons!)

*Affordability wise NYX beat Urban Decay. $50 bucks for a palette seems a bit hard to swallow for me.

UD has 12 eye shadows full size (1.3g), mini-primer, brush + mirror
NYX has 9 eye shadows (grams? ), 2 lip glosses, 2 tiny applicators + mirror

*Offerings I think Urban Decay beats NYX as Urban Decay gives full size shadows. However NYX does offer a valid selection of neutrals and provides 2 wearable lip colors.

UD shadows are extremely pigmented, offers a range of matte-shimmer-glittery shades
NYX shadows are average, matte shades can be a bit chalky, mostly cool-toned shades

*Urban Decay offers higher quality pigmentation. However from reviews I hear that some of shades tend to flake or be too glittery for every day use. NYX matte shades I find to be too chalky but I do like how the palette has more pink/champagnes colors. It doesn’t have glitter.

UD is quite big but if you have a big handbag I’m sure you could take it along
NYX  is very travel-friendly. It’s small, the drawers fold up and easy to use

*Depends on how much you like to carry around.

Cruelty-Free? (Do they test on animals?)
Urban Decay provides a cruelty-free eye shadow brush
NYX is cruelty-free company so entire item is cruelty-free

*I’d have to NYX, whenever possible I’d choose cruelty-free!

Thus that’s my comparison on the 2 palettes. Does one completely trump the other? I’d have to say no. It’s depends on your budget and what you are looking for. Good News is that at Ulta, Sephora, and Urban Decay they all have 100% guarantees on their makeup. So in case you don’t like their product you can return it for a FULL REFUND.

I am happy that I got the NYX Nude on Nude Palette. But does it mean that I’m not going to get Urban Decay Palette? Eh..I can’t say yet because it appears still to be out of stock.

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  1. Becky says:

    When I saw this in person, I was shocked on how tiny it is. But It’s actually great because it’s great for travelling.

  2. kathleen says:

    i think the nude on nude kit is much more of a dupe for the Too Faced Natural Eye which also comes with 9 eyeshadows. the colors are very similar and even in the same placement in the pallete! although the bottom left e/s is much more glittery than the one in the nyx palette. also the eyeshadows in the far left row are much larger than the others in the palette so i used up the entire palette except the bottom two in the first row. i have both the too faced natural eye and UD naked palette 🙂

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