NYX round Lipstick MADNESS – seriously (swatches!)

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NYX Cosmetics is a affordable drugstore-like brand that can be purchase online at NYX website, Ulta stores, and cherrycoulture.com

So lately I’ve been on quite a lipstick craze because I think I’ve had it up to here – with lip glosses. Glosses never seem to last very long for me whereas lipsticks usually are true to color, opaque and last 3-4 hrs. I’m sort of new to lipsticks thus I was looking for wide variety of color choices that were well… cheap. That’s how I got interested in the  NYX cosmetics line.

NYX Round lipsticks have 165 color varieties!!!

[NYX round lipstick -Information]
Store: Ulta.com
Retail: $4 each
Sale: $2.40 each + Free shipping!
Packaging: plastic, lipstick twists up, twist down completely
Weight: 4g/0.14oz

[Discount Sale]
Ulta was having 40% off NYX cosmetics + free online shipping over $25
If you have Ulta Stores nearby you are also able to use Ulta coupon $3.50 off $10 on NYX cosmetics. (double deal!)
*Sales change all the time.
100% guarantee from Ulta if you don’t like it, you can RETURN it. ^^ Be Happy

I believe NYX round lipsticks are always $2 each at Cherry Culture’s website. However the cons are you do have to pay shipping if it’s under $40 and you can’t return a used product.

NYX Round Lipstick
1. Margarita – bright pink with coral undertones, silver shimmer (Frost)
2. Herades – warm medium brick color with tones of red, brown (Opaque)
3. Tea Rose – medium rose pink with bit of mauve (Opaque)
4. Thalia – deep pinkish mauve nude, known dupe for MAC’s blankety (Opaque)
5. Fig – Rose Pink, similar to Tea Rose but a pinch darker (Opaque)
6. B52 – Reddish brown, similar to Thalia but darker (Opaque)
7. Gem – Hot pink with hint of fuchsia, silver shimmer (Frost)
8. Pumpkin Pie – Peachy nude, tiny unnoticeable amt shimmer pink/purple (Sheer)
9. Narcissus – Bold barbie pink (Cream, Opaque)
10. Femme – Bold coral orange (Opaque) ** My favorite!!!**

(same order as above)
( L-R Fig, Thalia,  Tea Rose, Herades, Margarita)
(L-R Femme, Narcissus, Pumpkin Pie, Gem, B52)

The difficulty of buying NYX online is that their color description/swatch sucks! If you are interested in a NYX color you should look at real people swatches. Their descriptions also never tell you if it is sheer, opaque, frosty, or glittery. I personally like opaque colors as they seem to suit my lips. Frosty formations seems to emphasize the creases in my lips or if my lips are dry.

[Closeups on a Few of the Collection]

– looks almost shockingly orange in the tube. However it is a GORGEOUS coral orange that perfect the current color trends and the
summer occasions. This is a definite favorite in my collection. <3

– when I first purchased this color, I had doubts about how barbie pink it was but it’s always sold out so I thought everyone must be loving it for a reason. I’m very happy that I purchased this lipstick because I think it’s a very unique color and it’s something that low end cosmetics usually don’t produce. It’s got great color payoff, it’s creamy, and surprisingly wearable. It’s not frosty which sold me. If this is too pink for you, I’d suggest NYX Strawberry Milk which is a couple pinches lighter and less intimidating. Dude I love the name!

Pumpkin Pie
– Peachy Nude color that is a sheer application. I found that this particular lipstick had a stronger lipstick smell  but when I asked others they didn’t have that response. I like the sheer coverage as I find that it doesn’t ‘concealer’ or ‘whiteout’ my lips. It’s great way to allow you to play down your lips and have bolder eye makeup.

Fig – Rose pink that is a smidge deeper in color than Tea Rose. It’s like nice wash of color.

Herades – this lip color screams bricks or terracotta tiles to me. Does it do you? I think it’s a useful color for more business formal occasions as it give yours lip a warmth. To me it’s a very grown up color.

Gem: It’s quite a hot pink and definitely when you wear you can tell it has hints of fuchsia in the color.

[Bits and Bobs]
Packing: simple, black with colored bottom to indict which color it – I like this feature a lot!, twist up/down lipstick
Labels: I love NYX naming conventions for lipsticks. I really dislike when companies just use numbers
Application: Smooth but frosts tend to seep into creases
Scent: unscented but it smells like a lipstick*
Weight: 4g/0.14g this lipstick is good value because among collection of lipsticks it has considerable more product
Color Payoff: pigmented
Value: Onsale-excellent value, $4 each it’s above avg value compared to drugstick lipsticks range $6-8 each

Overall Rating: B
I’ve impressed with the color section and its’ bits & bobs for the price . However, I’m disappointed that lipsticks don’t say what formulations they are. Average last wear probably 2-3 hrs and not too drying.

MAJOR CAVEAT is that these are not for dry lips especially the Frosts. It will emphasize the wrinkles, creases, and the imperfections of your lips if you tend to have drier / cracked lips. I wouldn’t recommend this formulation. Side note is I ended up using my lipstick in Margarita (Pink Frost) as actually cheek highlight/creme blush instead of lipstick because of this problem.

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  1. yuzhi says:

    thanks for the review, really helpful!

  2. princesagr says:

    Fig looks amazing. Femme wouldn’t fit my lips, but its a wonderful color anyway.

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