Monthly Recap: Say hello to my delicious chocolate croissant

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Douce France
855 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94301

So I walked 7.4 miles for this croissant and it was delicious. It’s chocolate croissant with a flaky pastry outside and chocolate inside. I’d highly recommend this bakery, service is lovely and they also have some great savory quiches.

This is my monitor at work.
Why is it covered in inspiration quotables?
We were moving cubicles at work and I didn’t want them to lose my monitor.
Fortunately, we were able to fend off the move for a few more weeks.
So in the meantime, that’s where I’ll be chilling.

Una Mas! Mexican Restaurant
Delicious burrito but it was a bit too healthy for my tastes 😛
Gosh I miss San Diego Mexican food.

Forever 21 Love & Beauty Blush in Pink $2.99
So Forever 21 now sells a line of beauty products and I just picked this one up by the checkout.
I absolutely love the packaging, it has great pigmentation, and is a overall gorgeous color.
I’m definitely going to check out more Love & Beauty products.

Hanging out with one my favorite cooks in the world, my friend Mike
It was a spectacular early birthday weekend with lots of catching up, cooking, eating and a bit of shopping
Here we are getting ready to roll brandy snaps.  I’ll be posting full recipe blog soon!
To check out the recipe, linked here
The brandy whipped cream is to die for!

Anyways that’s quick recap of some things going on in my life.
Hope you all are taking full advantage of last bits of summer



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