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Herbal Essence – Hydralicious self target shampoo
Herbal Essence shampoos always make me think of their commercials where attractive men appear out of no where to wash your hair. That would be so awesome…well a girl can dream 🙂
Anyways, I did like this shampoo. It was fascinating swirled purple gel and smelled divine.
Seriously, these shampoo smell so so good and are very affordable.

My mother says my hair is doing a lot better these days so maybe it’s this shampoo.
Anyways I also use Garnier sleek and shine argan oil which done wonders for my hair.
Currently, I’m using Suave Professionals for curly hair. Dang those commercials they always entice me!

Yes I would recommend this shampoo and likely to repurchase.

Boot no. 7 Mango & Babassu body wash (exclusive to Target)
I picked it up because it really smells outstanding, fruity but not artificial.
I love this smell so much I got the body wash, scrub and body butter.

Unfortunately, I didn’t love the body wash. It was just meh.
Mostly because I really like a good foam with my body wash and this wasn’t it.
It cleaned and smelled great but didn’t really lather much. It had a strong gel consistency.
I had to use a lot of product get through my shower…hence why it’s gone.

I’m currently using the Body Shop’s limited edition papaya shower gel and that’s A+

Overall, I think this body wash was just average. Probably wouldn’t re-buy but I do love the scent.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Olive
This product bit on the pricey side as it retails for $16 but I find body butters usually are a bit more..not sure why.
Seriously,buy from thebodyshop.com instead of a mall retail store.
It’s LOADS cheaper, extraordinary sales/deals, Ebates offers cashback of 10-12% and spend $50 get free shipping!

The body butter lasted me about 3 month of intensive use.
Scent is a big deal to me, I really like how refreshing and spa-like the olive scent was.
It may not be suited for everyone but the body shop does offers a huge variety of scents.

I enjoyed the thickness, consistency, scent and overall moisture this product gave me.
FYI not all the body shop’s body butter are the same formulation. This one is for intensive moisture!

I would highly recommend checking it out.
Yes I picked up a back up as I hear they might discontinue the olive scent 🙁

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