Sophie’s Spectacular Adventures in the Bay Area #3 (hotpot, ducks, and stripey nails)

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Individual Hot Pot Set @ Where?

I can’t seem to remember the name of this restaurant it’s in a plaza right next to Ranch 99.
Anyways, it was super scrumptious and filling! You could choose between a set menu (reg. /mala) or individual orders.
I choose the regular soup with beef set menu. It comes with your own individual hotpot, creamy white seafood based soup, vermicelli noodles or rice, dipping sauce, chinese cabbage (bai cai), and soup is filled with fish cakes, tofu and vegetables. I also tasted some of the mala – spicy variety and that was quite tasty too.
The set menu was around $13-17 dollars depending on ingredients.
San Jose, California
Verdict – I’m interested in going back for more

Apartment Complex @ Somewhere Downtown San Jose
I thought this building was really intriguing because if you look closely the windows are all slightly different.
They are like puzzle piece windows!
San Jose, California
Verdict – Who designed this?

Stripey Painted Nails
I saw some stripey nails on a beauty blog and I thought I’d try it out.
I used Rimmel 60 seconds in Portobello Pink, Confetti in Belle of the Ball, and Art Deco nail art liner in white.
The Art Deco polish has a very fine thin tip that makes it easier to draw the stripes.
I really enjoy the Rimmel 60 seconds polish as it’s fast drying, opaque and thick brush.
So what do you think do you think?
I quite like it.

Recycling Plant @ Another Random Day in my life 🙂
So long story short we went on a walk and followed a set of train tracks this is where it led us.
It’s interesting because it looked abandoned since it was the weekend.
There’s tons of piles of rocks and it appears at the plant they grind it to fine dusty concrete.
San Jose, California
Verdict – sometimes in one’s backyard there’s all sort of things you’ve never experienced before
One just has to do some exploring.

Sound Pit Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil Show @ HP Pavilion
This was my 1st cirque du soleil show 🙂
They had amazing acrobats, music, and I was quite impressed by the entire storyline of MJ
I loved how couple of the acts had these lit up dancing suits.
It did really make me wish I had been able to see Michael Jackson live.
Verdict – I will be going back to see the circus for the Totem show in March!

Ducks a floating by Target
Just watching some ducks chilling in a stream while doing run to Target.
P.S. I’m the Green one.

Well that’s another post of my life.
Are you enjoying them 😛
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  1. sillylynnie says:

    hot pot looks yummy! cool you got to go to a cirque de soleil finally!

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