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Dipping my toes back into crafting, I decided to try Stained by Sharpie (fabric markers) and to do some doodling. I purchased my pens on Amazon and they were quite affordable.

I really like the pens as they are super easy to use, they don’t blend and have a sharp pen tip. I tend to draw with very specific details so I like these features a lot. The pens come in a 8 pack and I purchased a blank canvas tote from either Wal-mart or Michael’s craft store. The pens were very fast dry so you can use the tote immediately after creation.

I haven’t washed this so I don’ t know how well it wears yet. The colors are super vibrant and some pens borderline a neon color intensity. The ink was very smooth.The only downside I had when using the markers was that I didn’t have enough colors! They only have 8 colors. Since these colors don’t blend, I blended them by layering the colors over each other to create dimension.

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The design of the tote is something just came out of my head. I was inspired by a Ipsy card I  had received and my love for whimsical mountains. I’ve really been enjoying using the bold black and white swirls intermingled with saturated color. 

I really enjoyed doodling. It’s easy and doesn’t require many materials. I would recommend these pens if you are interested in fabric pens for detailed work.

I’m thinking of making some for gifts, what do you think?

* All items were purchased by me with my own money*

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