Grocery Delivery Service – My experience with Walmart To Go

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One day, I was browsing Living Social for another art painting class and I stumbled upon a coupon for Walmart’s new grocery delivery service.

The site is called Walmart Delivery
The idea is the same brands and prices delivered to your door.

It’s structured a bit differently from the regular site in both navigation and catalog.
The navigation of the site leans more towards real store “aisle” style shopping. The two sites offers slightly different products.

The Walmart delivery caters to city folk and offers fresh produce, meats, dairy,frozen and variety of household staples.
I believe the site is piloting so delivery is not available to all areas. They have a locater on the site to tell you if you can get delivery.
Currently they have a promo going on $20 off $80 on 1st order and free delivery on your next 5 orders!
Code is available on site (DE-LI-VE-RY), limit 1st 2,000 customers*

I really liked this service because of 3 key points: great pricing, convenient and easy to select delivery times.
It’s true they have competitive Walmart pricing which is a lot more than I can say for most places in the city.
Stuff in the city often 20%+ more than in the suburbs and that really bites!

It’s very convenient, I can order as many beverages as I want without having to lug it home. Our delivery guy was timely and very friendly.
He actually took all the groceries from downstairs to our actual apartment door and waited for us to unpack. It was so sweet.


  • They have a freshness guarantee on their items.
  • They offer fresh meat, dairy and produce
  • They offer very competitive pricing compared to SF city prices
  • Delivery to your DOOR (no more heavy lugging)
  • 2 & 4 hour time slots
  • Next Day Delivery
  • No Tips required or allowed for delivery


  • You must be 18 and at home to receive order
  • There is $30 min for delivery
  • Delivery charges ~ I’m not sure what it is?

Note – Your item may be out stock when they deliver, they will provide suitable substitute at same or lower price.
I was fine when this happened to me b/c substituations were reasonable and I was glad they offered this feature.

Conclusion, I really like this service. I will use it again. I only fear I will be addicted and the delivery charges will be high.
I can’t seem to find that information on the site. Anyways, now I feel like my kitchen stocked and I’m ready to cook. 🙂

*All items were purchased by us with our own money*

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