Monthly Subscriptions – PopSugar Must Have Box – October 2013

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(October 2013 – POPSUGAR Must Have Box)
October’s box is fantastic!

Everything was delivered in a sturdy box and wrapped like a present.
Oh man, I’ve begun hoarding these boxes to re-ship presents and fill up with makeup.

As you can see there’s jewellery, makeup, nail polish, cookbook, hairbrush, a HUGE rice krispie treat, hair pins and even some coupons/vouchers for some other companies. I find that the box is tailored for women in mid-twenties to probably late 30s.

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*** If you are interested in this box – I would highly recommend buying 3, 6 or 12 month subscription plan for $32/month NOW because there’s a price increase to $40/month starting November 4th 2013 – Available US ONLY and Free SHIPPING ***

To subscribe to POPSUGAR Box (this is a referral link) you can use promo code REFER5 for $5 off your 1st month’s box. All boxes I have purchased with my own money and based on my own opinion. I just really like the box, it’s a great deal.

Whenever I describe the POPSUGAR Must have box, I say that it’s like having your best girlfriend shower you with presents every month. It is a monthly subscription box filled with lifestyle items from beauty-food-jewelry-books-etc. You can’t tell what you are going to get as it’s curated by POPSUGAR so it’s always a SURPRISE. It usually 3X the retail value of what you paid. You may get similar brands in your box but you never get the same things.

I’ve tried a lot of boxes from Birchbox, IPSY, NatureBox, Love with Food Box, Julep, Maven, and Glossybox. This is by far my favorite both in items and value.
I’ve been a subscriber for over a year.

The only downside is that it’s shown me a world of products I never knew about.
So yes, now I like fancy bathroom towels, $5/bag of cookies, and the finer things in life 🙂

October’s Box

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Gorjana Griffin Bali Bead Bracelet $45 (online store)
I had originally thought this was designed custom for POPSUGAR. But after I visited the site it appears this item is can be purchased online and where 100% of proceeds benefit Breast Cancer Connections. I love this bracelet, it is so dainty and sweet. I even saw another subscriber wearing one at iFabbo conference and I got so excited. It’s very easy to wear as it’s so incredibly light and the bold pink color makes me so cheery.

2013-10-09 22.44.12

Stitch Fix Discount Card $20
I’ve never used Stitch Fix but I’ve heard some of co-workers talking about it. From what I understand it’s a monthly box that send you a variety of clothing to try out and you then choose what you like. The fee is for styling and the shipping the box and then you get a discount on the item you decide to purchase. I might try it out in the future but in the meantime I gave the discount to my co-worker who really wanted to try it out.

2013-10-09 22.44.01

The Can’t Cook Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld $28 (can be found on Amazon)
I will pretext this by saying I haven’t cooked any the recipes in this book yet but I want to.
I don’t buy many cookbooks anymore because I like to do my cooking researching on blogs. However I really do like how this book is setup and the recipes available look like I could handle it. The layout of the book is aesthetically stimulating, easy to read and tons of big pictures. For a girl who is working a lot of the time, I might just give this a whirl.

2013-10-09 22.43.44

The Crispery – Crispycakes Halloween Marshmallow Treat $4 (Store Link)
OK, hands down this was my favorite item in the box. What can I say… I have a sweet tooth. This is a HUGE treat. It is bigger than my hand and like 2 inches wide. It took all the restraint I had to take this picture and not eat it immediately. Ok now I’ve blogged about it I’m going to eat as soon as I get home. I’ll let you know how it tastes 🙂

2013-10-09 22.43.10

NYX Cosmetics Smokey Palette $7 and Liquid Brown Liner $6 (Store Link)
I think I have a soft spot for NYX cosmetics and it always makes me quite excited to see it included in things even if I don’t always love their products. It’s weird, I know. Anyways, the eye shadow palette is relatively new to their line. It is mostly matte eyeshadows, with 1 shimmering color. I found the formula a bit dry and patchy. I haven’t tried the eyeliner yet. I do recommend checking NYX for their mosaic blushes and lip butters. OMG lip butters are amazing and I’ll be blogging about it soon. NYX does have a great online store with good delivery.

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Julep Nail for Polish / Polymer Top Coat for POPSUGAR + 1st month free with code JULEPMUSTHAVE – $14/polish, $18/top coat (store link)

Julep is a higher end nail polish brand. They also offer a monthly subscription box called Julep Maven that curates monthly polish selections. I’ve tried it before but I decided I only had so many nails and way too much polish to continue with it. It’s fun to try if you like nail polish as the box comes with a discounted pricing compared to retail price.

2013-10-09 22.42.13

Wet Brush $9

I was really excited about this brush being in the box because I’ve heard so much about it. Well if you haven’t, it’s supposed to be famous for easily removing tangles from hair and can be used wet hence the name. I don’t really have tangles in my thick black Asian hair but I have a few people on my list that I am thinking of giving this to.

*All items were purchased with my own money*

To subscribe to POPSUGAR Box (This is a referral link) and you can use promo code REFER5 for $5 off your first month’s box.

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