Food Review – Organicasaurus – Cheddar Cheese

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2013-10-06 07.22.21

Baked Corn Snack – Organicasaurus – Cheddar Cheese $1.21/bag ~ sold $23 a box with 19 bags (Love with Food store)

The Organicasaurus is a certified organic baked corn snack from Good Boy Organic’s.
I received this snack as a sample in my monthly Love with Food* box.  The Love with Food box is a monthly subscription box that I pay $12/month to receive samples of different snacks. The goal is to provide healthy snacks and recommends new snacks.

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Here are the ingredients and nutrition facts for the Organicasaurus snack.The reason it is called the Organicasaurus because corn snacks are shaped like dinosaurs and certified organic. It’s a like a healthy cheese puff!

Benefits of this snack:

  • The cheese puffs are shaped like dinosaurs (what..that’s awesome!)
  • Certified Organic, non-GMO and gluten-free
  • Baked so 40% less fat than regular cheese puffs
  • It’s got simple ingredients that you can understand

2013-10-06 07.22.42

The snack is portable. It’s good for traveling, lunches or just plain snacking. The bag has handful of dinosaur shaped cheese corn puffs. The cheese puffs are 3/4 the size of regular cheese puff. They are made of corn and baked. They come in various dinosaur shapes. They do have cheddar cheese seasoning on the outside.

2013-10-06 07.23.46

Isn’t that cute! A dinosaur cheese puff! I love the novelty of the snack. I am pleased to say that I really do like eating them too. The texture is airy, crunchy and cheesy. It’s similar to regular cheese puff but I find it taste better! It’s not as covered with artificial cheese and you don’t feel dirty like you ate a pile of junk food.  They are fun and tasty. I recommend this product!

*All items purchased by me with my own money*
Love with Food box is a referral link to the site

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