American souvenirs for our friends abroad (food, beauty and magazines)

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Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate with Caramel Filling
Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing & Seasonal Mix (dry)
Swedish Fish Candy

Last year when we were preparing for our trip to Australia, I had assumed it would be relatively easy to bring American goodies for our family. However, I had never been to Australia so I had no clue what they did have or did not have. I spent loads of time calling my boyfriend to confirm whether or not items were truly American and devoted quite a bit of time the scouring the internet. This time since our friends from the UK were in town, I stuck to bits and bobs that where hits before.

I would have added the plethora of peanut butter flavored chocolates as it was a big hit in Australia, but since our friend Dom is allergic I thought maybe not this time.

Ghirardelli chocolate bar is a must when visiting San Francisco! The first Ghirardelli establishment in SF was in 1852 and has been in continuous operation since. There’s a bunch of lovely Ghiradelli cafes spread out in the city where you can browse, buy ample amounts of chocolate, taste their dessert selection and every time the door greeter provides a delicious sample to try. Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel is a favorite in our household.

The next item you would think it’s a bit strange. Who gives a traveler ranch dressing? Well…I do and it’s received high applause! It appears that other places don’t love their dressings and sauces like the Americans. Our family in Australia specifically requested ranch dressing as it is not available in their local grocery stores. I found this nifty dry packet with the seasoning and I think you just add mayonnaise? Poof! Dressing! Dom and Tania said it’s also not popular in the UK but they do like ranch dressing now.

Swedish Fish is a favorite sweet of my childhood. It always reminds me of laughter, friends and car washes. Car washes is a different story for another time. Swedish fish is not actually made from fish! It’s a like a gummy with a harder texture and a flavor I can’t place but I like it. Other sweets for friends abroad I would recommend would be anything made by Hershey Company.


As my dear friends know, I am a makeup connoisseur and no gift from me is free from it.
I tend to stick to drugstore must haves as I find that most high end products are usually available internationally. I think it’s a bit more special to get something you can’t get at home but I did include some of my tried and true favorites.

(the list in no particular order)

  • Urban Decay De-Slick Spray – Apply after makeup is done for long lasting finish
  • Almay 1 coat nourishing mascara – recommended by EmilyNoel83 on Youtube
  • WNW Silk Finish Lipstick (551B Nouveau Pink) – Dupe Mac Girl about Town and I absolutely adorable this pop of color. It’s perfect for a bright lip.
  • WNW Single Shadow (Nutty) – Hands down one of my favorite eye shadows. It’s great taupe-y brown, pigmented, smooth and easy to travel with.
  • WNW Trio (Walking on Egg Shells) – It’s a great neutrals and wearable trio.
  • ME Blush (Peaches n’ Cream) – Nicely formulated and creamy, it’s a touch of peach to your cheeks.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo (Bad to the Bronze) This is my go to cream eye shadow that I believe everyone should own at least one of. I had give this so I picked it up that morning at Target. It’s so easy to use, gorgeous color and it doesn’t crease at all!
  • EOS Lip Balm (Strawberry Sorbet) The novelty of EOS lip balms still hasn’t worn off for me. I think they are dang good lip balm and I just love the dome shape.
  • Tarte Lip Surgence – There’s a lot of twistable lip crayons on the market. I think Tarte makes one of the best. It’s smooth, creamy and a lovely color. I think I own like 5 of them. You can get them at Sephora.
  • ELF Lip Exfoliater – This is one of those ELF gems, it’s so inexpensive but really great to polish your lip’s appearance. It’s got nice cocoa butter scent. You take the bumpy and sugary balm to your lips to remove any roughness.
  • Anise nail polish in Wildcat – Did you know that DSW sells nail polish and it’s actually quite good? Well they do and the polishes are so unique, easy to use, smooth and great application.
  • WNW Megalast nail polish (Red a good book) – Megalast polishes have the best nail polish applicator brush and a really good formula to match. I choose this bold red because the holidays are coming.
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion – This eye shadow primer is used before eye shadow application and it help your eye shadows last all day and stay bold. I love the squeeze tube packaging, creamy beige color and a must have in my book.
  • Ulta Automatic Eye Liner (Black) – This is a oldie but goodies of mine. Ulta brand eye liners were one of the 1st eye liner products I have ever owned. I always go back to it. They are affordable, easy to use and stay on my eyes. The product just twists up, so no need for a sharpener.
  • ELF Studio Brushes (crease, shader) – ELF makes a nice synthetic studio line. The brushes are soft, they don’t shed and can be purchased at your local Target. I also love the ELF small stipple brush and the blush brush.
  • Montagne Jeunesse (Mud Mask) – I’ve tried a lot of masks and this is my go to. It’s a easy one-time packet. The mask actually comes out a bright blue color. I find the mask is soothing and makes my skin feel good without it being too tight. After a long flight, it’s nice to indulge one’s self.


(I’ve blacked out my address – yeah check out my mad Photoshop skills ^_^)

Dom and Tania are going on a very long plane flight from San Francisco back to the UK.
I thought it might be good to provide something to do on the ride.
Somehow though out the years, I’ve amassed a large magazine collection.

Here’s to Glamour (my favorite), Instyle (that magazine is so huge), Lucky (new addition to my collection), allrecipes (cooking), and Better Homes & Gardens (nifty decor ideas).

Of course when preparing souvenirs for others, the tip I’d like to present is to avoid liquids, fragile items, perishables and heavy items. I figure with magazines they are disposable.

* all items were purchased by E & I with our own money*

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