Makeup – Review Stila Countless Color Pigments in Finale

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Stila Countless Color Pigments in Finale – on sale $8 / retails for $22 (Stila link(Luvocracy product link)

I believe this Stila product was launched in 2013. I saw it available at Sephora and Stila counters. It was marketed as a innovative design that would allow you to have countless colors in one pressed pigment shadow.

It was a novel idea which I felt it was overpriced at $22. However, I was super excited when I found them at Nordstrom Rack since I really wanted to try Finale. I believe the line has now been phased out from the main collection but you can still buy them on the Stila’s site.


The big novelty about this eye shadow is that it is supposed to be a vibrant, long-lasting pigment that also allows unique color customization with each use. This customization is done through the three shades in each pan for a plethora of blending and color variation.

The shadow has a soft red, a warm peachy coral and a tangerine color.
But as you can see, once I started using the eye shadow all the different colors blurred into one another and the distinction was no longer as apparent.


(Stila Countless Pigment – Finale, swatched on arm without primer)

When you swatch the pigment you potentially could achieve more tones of one color over another. However, in reality I find that everything blends into this vibrant strawberry pink shade. I love the color as it’s unique to my collection. The pigment is smooth, long wearing and gives a great pop of color! I think if you want you could also use this eye shadow lightly as a rosy blush. I am really happy that I picked up this product.

I do recommend this product in the shade Finale if you can find it on sale and you like the shade. However, I would suggest buying a palette if you are looking to create customized colors and unique variations instead of attempting to do so with 1 eye shadow.

*product purchased by me with my own money*

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