I may have been under the weather but the adventures must go on! Painting, Graze, Frankie, shopping and afternoon tea

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So this week I have been under the weather battling this sneaky cough. It comes in the morning, it comes at night and most importantly the cough attacks me right when a meeting is about to start. Nevertheless I had a very busy week.

E & I got the opportunity to go to the PopSugar movie screening for “About Time”. It’s romantic comedy movie about a man being able to travel through time and he can change the events of his life. The main character falls in love with Rachel McAdams, who is absolutely adorable and the story unfolds. It’s really nice heart warming movie about living life to the fullest and it has it’s share of comedic moments. Anyways, after watching the movie I really wished I could live this week over again. It was a lovely week with many adventures and our lovely friends from out of town but I felt so irritable. Bleh!


Art Social Class – Monet Water Lilies at University Club, San Francisco
Art Social Site & Link to the Other Art Social Event I did last month.

Art Social is 3 hour painting class focused on socializing, making painting fun and easy. The time just flies in the class, while we drink wine and there’s a instructor who shows off every step of the process. It’s was really great fun! I did my first class in September, this one in October and I booked one for November. I find the class to be therapeutic and I am not at all worried about how the painting will turn out. This time I was extra pleased because ladies next to me kept paying me compliments on my painting even though I wasn’t really sure what I was doing at all. ^_^


Graze monthly food subscription box – Graze.com
For 1 free box and your 5th box for free use code ETHANS63B – code can be used max 4 times after that the code will be invalid. (us only)

Graze is a food subscription box that costs $6/month. The site is still piloting the service so if you want to try it you need to use the above referral code to get access. Logistics aside, E’s box came in the mail. It looks a lot more intriguing than mine. I so want to nab his salsa fresca snack! At first I was a bit disappointed by the size of the snacks from the box but since tasting the snacks, I think they are worth giving a go! They’ve all been really unique and tasty. I will be writing a more in depth review once we finish sampling our boxes.


Frankie Magazine (Australian) – Purchased at Fog City News, San Francisco CA

Frankie Magazine is like me in magazine form. It’s a wonderful lifestyles magazine that I fell in love with at the Melbourne airport in Australia.¬†It’s not like any magazine I’ve come across before. I’ve been purchasing them every 2 months at our local imported magazine shop. It’s pricey at $16 a pop but I look forward to reading the quirky articles that I find it completely worth it and the actual quality of the magazine is like well-made like a book. I can’t for another weekend afternoon where I can sit at cafe, sip my orange juice and read my magazine. Sigh the weekend can not come soon enough!


Crossroads Cafe 699 Delancy Street, San Francisco CA (SOMA)
Afternoon tea with Blogger Thessa from ToLookForStyle Blog (site)

Afternoon tea is the epitome of what I look for in a perfect meal. It’s meal not defined by the social conventions of eating. It’s filled with lovely little sandwiches, fruits, sweets and tea. I get to try everything from savory to sweet and it all looks so cute!¬†Thessa and I spent hours chatting away at the cafe. We both work in tech during the day and are busy at night typing away on our blogs. She writes about fashion over on her blog and she’s arranging a blogger meetup this weekend (Nov 3rd) so go check her out!

Oh man I’ve been rambling and it’s time to go to bed. Good night!

*all items were purchased by me with my own money and everything is my own opinion*

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  1. Jess says:

    For once it looks like Australia got something before the US – we have harvest box here which looks exactly the same style as your graze box. I subscribed for a while as a healthier option to muesli bars and was getting them delivered to work, but then was getting contracted out so wasn’t at work to collect and eat my boxes! Have to say they all tasted great though and had some interesting combinations that I wouldn’t have thought of myself. Hope you enjoy graze.

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