You can’t judge a book by it’s cover – P.S. You’re Invited (DIY)

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PS Your Invited Book

P.S. You’re Invited- Do it yourself book by Erica Domesek

You can’t judge a book by its’ cover. I received this book in my PopSugar box for September 2013. I’ve written more info about what the PopSugar box is in my blog post (here). Anyways, I love this cover. I love how it’s brightly covered in gems and craft supplies.
It screams to me, open me up and DIY until your life is covered with doodads and rhinestones.

I do bit of crafting now and then but I am no way a expert about it. I was really excited to receive this book and in most cases, I really have enjoyed what Popsugar recommends to me. However, let me cut to the chase, I did not enjoy this book. Maybe the Do-it-yourself creativity of the internet has ruined me. I just felt that the DIY’s techniques were too mainstream and I found most the designs to be a bit too jenky for my tastes. Perhaps the hip kids are rocking nuts and bolts from the hardware store as jewelry…but I’m not into that and I have no interest in hot gluing all my accessories.

The book’s overall layout design is well-done. The tutorials are very clear, nicely laid out, and it presents great visuals. I can see where this book was going but I feel it failed at delivery. The tutorials were all very easy to do, no crafting experience needed and quick to execute. The materials were common place but they appear to aim at replicating high-end fashions. The DIY tutorials arranged from a wide selection of lifestyle products from home decor to jewelry to handbags to party favors.

A beginner book is fine with me but I find this book lacks in creativity and bringing forth new DIY ideas I haven’t seen before. Most of the tutorials I felt showed the magic of spray paint, tape, and hot glue. The end result just looked like cheaper version of high-end product rather than a inspiration. I understand that people utilize DIY projects as a affordable option to copy something more expensive but I believe do-it-yourself project to be a vehicle for much than imitation.

[My DIY thoughts]
The best DIYs I have seen are when you take something and make it more awesome than anything you could buy. A product that showcases your passions and brings out your own personal style and individuality. I don’t think it’s supposed to be cheaper version of who you could be but a original version of who you truly are. I think that DIY books ideally should bridge that gap and provide technique steps to create foundation to build your creativity upon. I just didn’t get that feeling from this book. Nothing for me seemed to ignite that initial DIY spark. Maybe I’m being philosophical here but it’s just how I feel.

Perhaps this book would be informative for a younger audience who hasn’t thought about how DIY projects can be approached. But I wouldn’t recommend it for adults or crafters.

* all items were purchased by me – book was received in Popsugar box that I purchased*
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