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My friend Stacy from Spectacular is runs a awesome glasses blog. We’ve been chatting back and forth, she told me she was considering joining Blogher’s National Blogging daily challenge. Since Oct 10, I’ve made the active effort to blog consistently and I’m on day 26. So I decided to make the jump to commit to blogging every day in the month of November otherwise known as NABLOPOMO!

Can I do it? I’ve never done so many days but I’ll willing to take on the challenge!
If you are interested have until November 5th (today) to join the Blogher Nablopomo contest.

These are my first four November blogs post for the month: (more to come ^_^)
Nov 1 New blog: The World’s Best Eyeshadow and it’s only $1.99! http://bit.ly/16SGrei 
Nov 2 New Bog :Adventures must go on! #Painting#Graze#Frankie#shopping#afternoontea http://bit.ly/1b2kLNY 
Nov 3 New blog: You can’t judge a book by it’s cover – P.S. You’re Invited (DIY) http://bit.ly/1axhGKI
Nov 4 New blog: Sophie’s Dish Recommends – Oct 2013 Makeup & Skincare http://bit.ly/1hHvZOr 

They also provided a site with blog prompt to get your writing juices going but it’s not mandatory. NABLOPOMO 2013 Prompts

  • Who is your favourite character of all time? TOTORO!!!

It was just luck of the draw that last night I was able to catch Totoro going on adventure.

Totoro is a character from the my neighbor Totoro, a animated Japanese film by Studio Ghibli. Totoro is a forest spirit that guides and comforts the little girls in the movie. Totoro is inspired by many different ideas and animals. He is a imaginary creature. (more details about Totoro)


Totoro tries to get up the stairs with the help of his loyal gang of animal friends.


Totoro is busy doing chores around our house. Totoro is attempting to fold E’s laundry.
He’s making great process despite his fluffy arms. 


Totoro is getting ready to pounce on my chocolate cake!

My Totoro came from my travels to Shanghai, China in 2010. He almost got detained at the Shanghai airport for being too fluffy! Thankfully he was able to sweet talk the flight attendants to letting him go and so his adventures started. He’s been with me everywhere and we have a golly good time together. I really like the Studio Ghibli films. My favorites are Totoro, Spirited Away, and Ponyo. The movies are very unique, creative and just plain entertaining to watch.
They are suitable for both children and adults.

* all items were purchased by me with my own money*


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  1. Jennifer says:

    TOTORO!! <3 and I so remember the time those nasty people at the Shanghai airport who almost detained totoro and all our stuff in china! haha!

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