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2013-11-09 03.36.14

Sephora VIB 2013 Makeup Haul (excluding Totoro)
VIB Sale for Sephora only VIB Members from 11/7/2013 – 11/11/2013

All the items were purchased by me with my own money. This is not a review, just haul post where I discuss my initial thoughts.

I had been saving up for quite a few months now so that I could take advantage of the Sephora annual VIB sale (20% off everything). It’s a great time to pick high-end items that are rarely on sale and/or are Sephora exclusives. I love shopping at Sephora because they have testers in the store and a great return policy. (100% love it or leave it guarantee in store or 60 days for online purchases ~ this means that you CAN TRY it and return it if you don’t like it). I am excited to share what I picked up and feel free to let me know if you got anything from the sale. ^_^

2013-11-09 03.38.46

Kat Von D Spellbinding Eye Shadow Palette (product link)
* This is line is exclusive to Sephora

I was so excited for this palette when it debuted in early this fall. The colors are absolutely beautiful in person and I find to be quite a few unique colors. The interesting thing  about this palette design is that the eye shadows are paired together specifically for a layered look.

2013-11-09 03.41.27

Guerlain Crazy Pearl Illuminating Powder (product link)
* This product from Guerlain is limited edition

This was a complete impulse buy and by far the most expensive makeup item in my collection to date. I saw a on it on Temptalia and how it was a good overall face powder. It’s supposed to make your face subtly radiant. I can’t say whether or not it’s worth the splurge yet but man it’s got cute packaging and design.

2013-11-09 03.42.18

Hourglass Ambient Lightening Powder Palette (product link) + mini primer
*This Hourglass product is limited edition

Everywhere I look someone is raving about the Hourglass Ambient powders. I thought the palette would be a great way to try them. The powders can be used as finishing powder and/or a highlighter depending on shade. The powder is supposed to make your skin appear to capture, diffuse and soften the way light reflects on your skin.

2013-11-09 03.44.51

Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm (product link)

My lips are perpetual dry so I decided to venture into high-end territory  This is a thinner lip balm with a strong rose scent. If you have a favorite lip balm, feel free to recommend in the comment section below.

2013-11-09 03.45.41

Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Spice Spice Baby (product link)

This formula is amazing. It’s so smooth and moisturizing. I just love how natural this color is on my lips. It’s a my lips but better…way better. The packaging has a lovely weight to it.

2013-11-09 03.43.34

Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things Set (product link)
* This is Sephora exclusive – comes with palette (palette, mascara, lip injection and chevon pouch)

I love the holidays because so many cosmetics companies come out with stellar value sets. I swatched the eye shadows in the store and they were so rich and buttery I had to get it. It’s very compact and comes with so much product…enough for a full face of makeup. I love the pink & gold chevron design. I am really excited to play with this more!

* All items were purchased by me with my own money*

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