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Dear Internet,

I’m looking for a international beauty blogger interested in a US makeup swap.
Makeup Swap – all new cosmetic items, choose items, recommend and mail swap package.
You can search on YouTube for different people’s swaps. I am looking internationally to find items not found in the US.
In particular I’m very keen on doing a swap with someone in the UK but I’m also open-minded to other countries.

1) Be a active beauty blogger
2) Be from somewhere other than the US
3) Create a blog collaboration 🙂
4) Be willing to participate and ship by end of December 2013
5) At least 21 years of age!

Terms of the swap will need to be discussed via e-mail. I’ve done a handful of swaps before. The usual terms are we each provide a list of 5 items we would like to receive, $ dollar amount and then each person adds in bits/bobs that we recommend. I often do swaps for drugstore or high street makeup as I find that higher end makeup usually pretty accessible in the US. I am open to ideas. (FYI nail polish is not allowed to be shipped internationally)

Nifty Makeup in America – may / may not be exclusive to the US (ideas)

  • TheBalm Cosmetics ( I love their palettes and highlighters)
  • Too Faced Cosmetics (great lip products)
  • Wet n Wild (amazing eye shadow)
  • Hard Candy (love their baked eye shadows, blushes and bronzers)
  • Tarte Cosmetics (famous for their clay blushes)
  • Urban Decay (great palettes)
  • Forever21 Love & Beauty (I am obsessed with their palettes)
  • NYX (great all around products – lips, face, eyes)
  • Drugstores – L’oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel, NYC, Sally Hansen, Neutrogena, Revlon, covergirl..etc

I’m also willing to throw in some American sweets <3

If you are interested, please email me at sophie@sophiesdish.com

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  1. Irina says:

    I have some polish products available to me in USA. I have brands exclusive available like Evelina http://en.eveline.eu/ I have also russian skincare available. I do live in New York.

  2. Annie says:

    Hey, are you still interested in doing a swap?
    I’m from the uk and would love to try some American beauty products so be able to review them on my blog,
    Do email back if still interested!

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