#Best Invention Ever! @1password – Have You Ever Forgotten a Password?

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Image of 1Password Plugin on MY PC

I think 1Password well deserves a post on my blog because it’s sort of change my life in a excellent way. I received 1Password as gift from E awhile back and as slow I can be to adopt new technology I’ve really come to embrace the program. I no longer have to remember a ton of passwords and yet everything stays secure.

1password can be purchased for ONE-TIME user fee of $50-$70 US dollars (pc/mac) for a single user and they do have discounted family licenses available for purchase. It’s available for immediate download. (Agile online store)

What is 1Password? (official website)
1Password is a password manager. They have it available for PC, MAC, internet browser plugin and mobile phones. It is this nifty tool that remember your sites’ passwords, can log you into sites, enter credit card information, fill registration forms, and easily generate strong and secure passwords. Everything is confidential, secure and in one place. It sort of short of magical.

How does 1Password work?
The way I use 1password is whenever I go to a familiar site, I login into my 1password browser plugin (seen above), I type my master password and it auto-fills the forms I need to login into the site. Whenever I go to a new site that I need to create a user profile and password, it’s just as easy! I go to my 1password generate a complex password with random assortment of letters, numbers and symbols, it auto-fills and saves my details for later use.

Is it Safe?
How safe can it be if you only have to remember 1 complex master password? This was the point made me ask E a bunch of questions because he had been using the program before me. 1password’s vault houses your passwords has multiple encryptions, de-encrypted data is never saved to disk, and the generated passwords are each unique combination. Don’t share your master password online or offline and you’ll be fine. More details on their site!

Why use 1Password?
I love using 1password because I no longer fear the security of my passwords or if one site gets hacked, I still have strong passwords in place. I use to have three tiers of passwords with some variation for each site. It was such a hassle to remember and some sites require frequent password changes! I often found myself scribbling down passwords, forgetting them or being fearful that if a site got hacked that they could piece together important private information. I no longer have these issues and I save a lot of time since now I just have 1 complex password to remember.
Bonus is that the application helps me remember exactly what sites I have a user profile in.

Who is this good for?
I highly recommend the application for anyone who uses the internet and doesn’t have a photographic memory. I currently have 153 logins on 153 different sites and the number keeps going up daily. How many sites are you a member of? How many sites do you remember passwords for? I rather use that space in my head for fun things like what is the top best cosmetic highlighters, where’s the top 5 best places to eat in the San Francisco or birthdays. Goodness know if I forget my mother’s birthday I’m in the dog house. ^^

BTW I think this would make a great gift for the coming holidays!!! It’s so practical, they’ll thank you for it. 
*Application was received as gift from E, not a sponsored post. All opinions are of my own*

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  1. Ethan says:

    The secret ingredient you forgot to mention is dropbox! 1Password will automatically support dropbox, which means you can access your 1password data anywhere (even through a browser) and also have a backup of your passwords

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