Sephora Pantone Universe Full Spectra Eyeshadow Palette $15 on sale @Sephora #sale

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2013-10-13 08.27.19

Sephora Pantone Universe Full Spectra Eyeshadow Palette $15 – Online
I wanted to share about a eyeshadow palette that I purchased over the holidays from Sephora. It’s still available in Sephora’s sale section and it’s only $15 now from $40!

This palette is something I normally would pass by but I’m really glad I picked it up. The packaging is really sleek and clean. It’s got a transparent cover, magnetic closure and slim white palette. It would be travel-friendly.

The real beauty of this palette is that most of the eyeshadows have a pearly duo-chrome effect will flash from one color to another in certain lights. It is a very interesting color combination. I don’t own anything like it in my collection and that is saying something!

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Swatched on Hand without Primer

It is really hard to capture the beautiful effect of these eyeshadows. I really think you need to see this in a video format or something. The pale shades are all duo-chrome and they flash green, pink or purple. The shades are fairly light so I would use this palette in-conjunction with another neutral to complete a look. I think these would be great for brow bone and inner corner highlights. There’s a variety of shimmer, matte and satin shades.

I think this palette is great for those who love duo-chrome finishes or like something a bit out of ordinary in their collection. However, I don’t see this as a stand alone palette.

*All items were purchased by me with my own money, my own opinions*

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