Repost! Cooking my favorite fried rice (Dad’s recipe) #chinese #food #friedrice #recipe

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2014-02-10 10.22.02

I thought I’d do a quick re-post of a recipe I originally posted in 2012. It’s a super easy and tasty recipe for fried rice that anyone can do.
My Dad’s Famous Spicy Fried Rice! We really like it in our house because the flavors are bold, a bit spicy and appealing to the eyes.

To date perhaps this is the post I’ve referenced the most and I think will stand the test of time. It’s a flexible recipe based on taste and can be easily changed to add/subtract items. I make it quite regularly. Last time I decided to change it up a bit, I added some canned pineapple and egg to the mix. I’d say it was a hit!

Thanks, Dad!


*This recipe was taught to me by my dad*

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