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Full Disclosure (PR Samples) – I received the following products complimentary to test/review from Influenster. All opinions remain honest and my own as always. My Personal Refer Link to Influenster program if you are interested – www.influenster.com/r/67451

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New! TRESemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth System (Shampoo, Conditioner & Serum)
The prices can vary depending on retailer $5-$7 per product ~ around $17 for full set

I suppose we should first get the elephant out of the room with the product’s big claims like 7 day smooth system. Does this product keep my hair silky smooth for 7 days / 3 washes?

Yes and No. This is my experience with really thick straight hair. For me, this product keeps my hair smooth about 3 days if I don’t wash my hair. I couldn’t really last a full week without washing my hair. I find it does keep my hair really silky and smooth after the 1st wash but quickly fades after the 2nd if I don’t reuse the products.  When I used the whole system I found that product quickly builds up in my hair requiring more frequent washing.

Well I have been using these products for over 2 months as my main hair regime. I have tried the product together through the whole process, I have tried them separately and I have tested them through various hair conditions.

– Very affordable
– Does produce a silky / smoothing effect to my hair
– Readily available in stores
– Designed to be used with heat tools
– Non-offensive smell & easy to foam up

– Full regime was very time consuming (5 steps)
– Shampoo didn’t do much for my hair
– Instructions for serum (8-10) pumps is way too excessive even for my hair
– Full system with 3 products had a tendency to weigh my hair down and 2nd day would be more greasy then usual.

Verdict – I really liked the conditioner. I would go out and buy the conditioner but not the whole system. I felt the conditioner did really smooth out of my hair and gave it a nice silky effect. I personally didn’t find that shampoo, serum or the dry ironing did anything extra to my hair’s overall appearance and lasting power. I felt when I did use the whole regime it was far too time consuming and the products weighed down my hair a lot making it feel gunky. Perhaps it would work better with finer, thinner hair than mine.

Information from product packaging
“Infused with Keratin and made with lower sulfates this product gently cleanses and removes impurities. For 7 Days of salon-smooth styles, use as shampoo/conditioner/ heat activated treatment. Gentle enough for everyday use and on color-treated hair.”

Full Hair Regime – First wash hair with shampoo, rinse, wash with conditioner, rinse, towel-dry, add heat activated serum into hair, blow dry and use hair straightner/iron on hair.

You can purchased these product at most mass retailers (ULTA, Target, Walmart and etc)

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